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Xbox One Sale Roundup: November 28th, 2017

Posted on 28 November 17 at 16:16
Only picking up Seasons After Fall this time around, I liked it on Steam, and it's pretty easy to complete. I already have Never Alone in the backlog.
Doctor Danny 13
Posted on 28 November 17 at 16:40
clapI'm gonna go for Gimme Five for £1.29 on Win 10.
One life is just enough.
Posted on 28 November 17 at 16:48
Sprung for Seasons After Fall, In Between and Never Alone collection.

Hope everyone's recommendations are spot on wink
Octobot Super
Octobot Super
Posted on 28 November 17 at 23:30
BreakingPad68 said:
Be aware. ZAZEN takes a minimum of 1500h idle boosting. No way for a faster completion
Looks like it's also Kinect only.
Posted on 28 November 17 at 23:45
Yes its a Kinect game. You have to sit still the whole time or you can leave the screen during the loading for max points. 6300points /h is the maximum and 6.3Million (actually best) is far away from level 50
Posted on 29 November 17 at 07:44, Edited on 29 November 17 at 07:45 by Lockie
Mr Bones7 said:
anyone have a review on mordheim worth getting?
I was gifted it on Steam a few years back. I didn't get too far in to it though because of the often frustrating dice rolls that make up most of the gameplay.

I'm kind of tempted to get it on Xbox though because I think having achievements to work towards might make me motivated to learn how to play it properly, since it's quite a complex and rewarding game. smile
Posting from sunny Australia.
Posted on 29 November 17 at 17:10
This is probably the worst damn sale I have ever seen.
Cellar Attic
Cellar Attic
Posted on 29 November 17 at 17:29
Kedrix said:
Probably pick up Shiness, it looks like a fantastic RPG and I don't usually play RPG's for completion, just to beat (I know, what a horrible thing to say I don't play all games for achievements, lol)

I picked up the Never Alone collection a while back and paid...$5ish for it, and was completely worth it. Fun experience.
Ok, good to know. I don't always complete RPGs either (looking at you, Tales of Vesperia), but I pretty much do because I can't help myself. Plus, I kinda like keeping my achievement percentage as high as it is, even though it ultimately means absolutely nothing.
Posted on 01 December 17 at 14:20
Gimme me five(win10) not on sale......still $4.99.
Posted on 02 December 17 at 09:56
Finally picked up Never Alone!
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