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The Sims 4 Review

Posted on 29 November 17 at 01:06
Frustrating and disappointing from the start, just like real life!

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morphable freak
Posted on 29 November 17 at 02:01
good review man, these are most of the misgreiving i had about the game from the start., what a shame.
Posted on 29 November 17 at 02:43
Too bad, I know a lot of people like this series.
Swinny Costello
Posted on 29 November 17 at 02:54
Thanks for the review. Any idea how the menu interface compares to the one for The Sims 3 on 360? I found that really intuitive, so unless they went out of their way to make it worse, this still might be good for me.
Raptures Lost
Raptures Lost
Posted on 29 November 17 at 04:13
If it's more of the same, that suits me!
Lt Davo
Lt Davo
Posted on 29 November 17 at 05:29
Thanks for the review. Starting with The Sims on the original Xbox, which I loved, I feel like each successive game has gotten worse. I decided I would definitely not try The Sims 4 around the time I got to the review's comments about the keyboard and mouse controls not being adapted to the console. And I do think it's a shame that the creators have neglected to improve the basic AI and that Sims are still doing things like putting dishes on the floor.

Since I won't be playing the game, I don't really need to know this, but out of curiousity - one thing that annoyed me hugely about The Sims 3 were the constant popups. I'm talking about "Go outside!" "Go fishing!" "Cook a meal!" and all that other little chores that, if you did them, would earn your Sim more aspiration points or whatever. With the original Sims, I could do what I wanted to do and play the way I wanted to play without the game constantly trying to entice me to play it a certain way. So, my question is, how does The Sims 4 compare with The Sims 3 in this regard?
Posted on 29 November 17 at 06:06
Once I knew this was game was coming, I spent months preparing house designs to share on the Exchange.

This game doesn't even include it. angry
Posted on 29 November 17 at 06:22
"It all feels bare bones, and it also feels deliberate; you're never allowed to forget that there is a whole host of tantalising and expensive expansion content to be had. A quick glance at this content reveals that it's mostly cosmetic, but it will likely tempt many who don't feel satisfied with the base game. A lack of community sharing options or mods for console players is a pain point — we really are left with the sparse offerings of the base game unless we shell out considerable amounts of cash. "

Sums up EA nicely, then. Charge for a base game (that's buggier than a box of cockroaches) and hope obsessed players will pay for content on top to fill the coffers. They will never learn.
Princess Luna41
Posted on 29 November 17 at 07:39, Edited on 29 November 17 at 07:39 by Princess Luna41
This should sum up the sims nicely and if not still fun to watch
xLil SheWolfx
xLil SheWolfx
Posted on 29 November 17 at 08:00
Great now EA has been deleting customers tweets and comments on FB which contain complaints about all the bugs and saving issues.......seems like they don't care for their customers. Also that update of theirs is a complete fail people are still having issues like nothing has changed this includes me angry

So this review is 100% dead on the mark wish I never pre-ordered this digitally.
Gaming 4 Life
Posted on 29 November 17 at 08:20
I'm pleased with the reviews content and conclusion. It was able to articulate all the things (and some extra) that I hate about the sims 4, but in a much more cleverly worded way than I could manage. Disappointing release. No doubt with tons of paid DLC to follow. I remain hopeful that people will speak with their wallets and simply pass it by. I have the base and the first DLC £80 so far. I've learnt my lesson. I intend to grind out the achieve.ents using the cheapest, laziest, least amount of effort techniques I can find and move on to a proper game made by someone else.
Posted on 29 November 17 at 08:49
Wanted to buy this game and was so excited...damn.cry Loved Sims 3 on Xbox 360.
Lord Von Chimp
Posted on 29 November 17 at 08:51, Edited on 29 November 17 at 08:51 by Lord Von Chimp
My Missus is really enjoying it, and I am too, but I'm more a casual entrant to the Sims Franchise, so I have the benefit of not missing the content that's not there. Also have never experienced any of the bugs. Guess I have got really lucky after reading this review, but hell yes, the achievements are a massive time sink! laugh But it'll be another 1000G in time.

The vampire stuff is a fun spin on it all for us!

EDIT: The Vampire stuff is an £19 DLC btw, not base game content
Dresden N7
Dresden N7
Posted on 29 November 17 at 08:52
All currently released DLC from the PC version should be included for free seeing as it's a port of a three-year-old game. The fact that it's not should be proof enough this is a lazy cash grab.
Posted on 29 November 17 at 09:20
I bought the game for my daughter. I gave the deluxe edition just to find out you even need to buy more. (like vampire) well enough other games to play if its really crap
The Batman IRL
Posted on 29 November 17 at 09:22
Sounds awful and I love The Sims, the bare bones content is unforgivable. Hiding the content behind overpriced DLC, why am I even surprised.
The Batman IRL
x Mataeus x
x Mataeus x
Posted on 29 November 17 at 09:56
It was bad enough on PC, with expansions costing the same as many retail PC games (£29.99). Especially when many of them - pets, holidays, seasons etc - have been DLC additions since the FIRST GAME.
Posted on 29 November 17 at 10:43
I don’t understand how The Sims is still a franchise. I swear I’ve been seeing the same Sims game with all the same overspirced expansions for a decade now.
Legohead 1977
Legohead 1977
Posted on 29 November 17 at 11:07
My other half loved one iteration on her phone I believe, I keep hoping one of these will be as good. She never seems impressed though!
Legohead 1977
Swinny Costello
Posted on 29 November 17 at 11:51
zoidberg1339 said:
I don’t understand how The Sims is still a franchise. I swear I’ve been seeing the same Sims game with all the same overspirced expansions for a decade now.
Because people like playing Sims games and buy them? It's not rocket science.
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