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Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 30 November 17 at 22:53Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder walkthrough
  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip667,662
    Posted on 15 January 20 at 08:11Permalink
    This walkthrough is misleading: there's no mention about obstacle courses, which are completely pointless from an achievement point of view as you have to beat every level to unlock Palermo, which is where you battle God.

    As well, the tips on the levels could be much improved: for each, screenshots showing good choke points to place defences, or videos showing good routes to run, etc. As it stands it's largely "do the same thing you did on other levels" which isn't super helpful. The time trials section is nowhere near as useful as the video guide on the solution for that achievement.

    Poor guide, could be so much better.
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