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Cumulative across saves?

  • PHT999PHT999668,293
    Posted on 03 December 17 at 04:41, Edited on 03 December 17 at 04:48 by PHT999Permalink
    Hey guys,

    just wanted to ask if anyone knew whether the achievements for things like dying 666 times, or 420 flamethrower kills counts across saves, or do they have to be done in one playthrough?
  • Bar6arianBar6arian510,230
    Posted on 07 December 17 at 02:39Permalink
    Yes and No...this was confusing because the Live tracker did not match the in-game one. When going for this don't change difficulty, stick to one and keep replaying certain chapters for this to complete. Think I had to complete chapter for it to save the deaths and flamethrower kills too but I might have screwed that up. For some reason changing difficulties reset my counter(s), but the in-game counter showed less than 666 deaths when it popped but a lot more on the Xbox Live counter.
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