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the eagle has landed achievement- has to be glitched

Posted on 05 December 17 at 01:02
This achievement has to be glitched now. I have literally shot the eagles support chain EACH and every time Hitler goes to the podium. And i shoot the support and the eagle falls and it kills him.. But still NO achievement. I have tried this 7 damn times now and still it doesnt register the achievement as gotten. I even checked my achievements to make sure of that. And according to my cheevo list for this game. I DO NOT HAVE this one. And i neve rmissed on my shots. So something has to be wrong some where.I even tried shooting the eagle from two other locations....any one else having problems with this achivement
ReliantGung ho
Posted on 02 January 18 at 06:21
Quick question, did you set off any alert, yellow or red before killing him? Because I could never get him to the eagle if I killed a soldier in the interior of the base before hand.
Santa 2512
Santa 2512
Posted on 03 January 18 at 19:51, Edited on 03 January 18 at 19:51 by Santa 2512
All the achivements in the DLC are slow to pop .

I got a couple and was back in the menu's before it popped -

almost as if the console is checking the internal scores to see if the conditions have been met
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