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Grinding crew skills/ranks

Posted on 09 December 17 at 07:54, Edited on 09 December 17 at 08:01 by Darkness727420
What's the best way to grind crews? I've read to grind them out in tier eights and lower tiers(I'm guessing by lower they mean 1 through 4?). I'd be willing to buy a low tier premium if need be.

I'm asking because my crew in my premium Churchill III has already surpassed learning a skill in terms of percentage, compared to my t-1 heavy crew.

So what's the best low tier premium? I forgot to mention, my t-1 heavy crew already has 2 skills/perk and working on the third. So I'd rather get an American premium. But if starting from scratch would be faster in another nation, screw it I'll do it.

Oh and I fudged up, the third skill/perk, in my heavy crew is on is mentor... I know I'm an idiot.

Does the same strategy apply to grinding crew ranks?
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