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Missable achievements?

Posted on 11 December 17 at 14:32
I know there are some but is there a point of no return? I can't find a nice easy list anywhere
Luna go sky
Luna go sky
Posted on 30 January 18 at 15:34
I Think there is only two "missable achievements" if you wanna do all the achievements in one playtrough.
The first is cryptographer because there are some puzzles that you can not do again because once you complete the vault you can not re-enter.
The second is Matchmaker if you aim to get three relationships in one playtrough. You need to pay attention to which characters you want to fall in love and at what time speak with them.
Posted on 30 January 18 at 16:32
also there is no point of no return...after you complete the missions you can still roam around
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