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The Best Reviewed Games on TrueAchievements in 2017 - Part Two

Posted on 19 December 17 at 18:21, Edited on 19 December 17 at 18:39 by halohogg
BanjoRebel said:
NawtyCawty said:
BanjoRebel said:
Yarp, ratings are insignificant. The actual review itself is what matters, and everyone is free to interpret that as they see fit. As stated above, Project CARS is a fine example, arguably & subjectively the best racing game you can play on Xbox - after the major glitches were patched it was a realistic driving journey. I'm still befuddled by how many people don't understand this.

Also, suck it Forza Motorsport 7 - it's simply a digital car collection, not a racing game.
If they are that insignificant how do you explain that to date there are 10 times as many players of Forza 7 on here than Project Cars 2. Oh I know why, because Project Cars sucks, and most people know it does.
One is AAA, one is not. Ratings have nothing to do with sales figures, and it's been quite obvious the Xbox community is spiteful against sims & automatically label them as bad when they simply don't understand them. Popular opinion does NOT mean something is better.
Project Cars was terrible - I'm sticking to the Forza brand.
(and the achievement list is terrible - look at the completion graph - omg)
Lord Betus
Lord Betus
Posted on 19 February 18 at 03:39
Phl0am said:
I love TA and I’m absolutely addicted to FIFA but to include it in the best reviewed games is hilarious. I’ve played FIFA since 1994. This years instalment is the worst yet. I only play Pro Clubs and I’m seeing 99 rated players who are cheating. 4.5? Don’t make me laugh TA... It’s 2.5 at best.
Totally agree. This year for me the gameplay is really slow and more boring than I can ever remember. So much cheating in futchamps that it is ruining the game for normal users. FIFA 18 is actually making me really consider whether or not I want to keep playing the series even though I am a die hard football (soccer) addict. It's sad really.
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