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DLC Walkthrough The Final traitor

  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan282,507
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    If you follow my Cliff's-Notes you will skip a large majority of the fights saving ammo and medic's. pick up only what is on your path as it will be enough to finish the game and buy what you need.
    Use ladders to your advantage to kill enemies easy and without wasting ammo .

    -Green slime guys one on one - I just take 1 hit of damage and wack away.
    -small speedy guys you can power swing or shoot them.
    -Normal guys wack away
    -glowing red guy - you will only fight 1 with this guide, keep distance and wack away

    Chaper 1
    Water - starting room in cabinet
    Food - 3rd floor Fridge
    Passenger -3rd floor room next to fridge with food
    Gas - next to Car

    Chapter 2
    Gas - Left From Car Basement 2nd house follow path to sewer tunnel
    Water - Right from car - first sewer
    Passenger - Right from car - Sewer / Basement of 1st house "movie theater"
    (back track return to car)
    Food - Right from car - Inside first house above sewer
    (back track to car)

    Chapter 3
    Food - Right from car - Up First ladder 2nd room
    (back track return to car)
    Passenger - Left from car- First building across bridge - up ladder
    Water - Left from car- First building across bridge top left room take ladder down
    gas - left from car- far left basement
    (Continue on path to leave)

    Chapter 4
    Water - Left of car - Left side of building top of ladder
    (back track return to car)
    Food - Right from car - First ladder
    Passenger - Right 3rd Building left side upper level
    Gas - Right from car - 3rd house basement
    (back track to car)

    Chapter 5
    Food - Left from car - 2nd building
    (back track return to car)
    Passenger - Right from car- First house (cant miss him)
    Gas - Right from car- basement First house
    Water - Right from car - Use ladder to the 2nd floor follow the path to the end
    (back track return to car)

    Chapter 6
    Water - Right from car 2nd "house" 2nd ladder - door on left
    (back track return to car)
    Gas - Left from car take road passage - First house basement
    Passenger - Left take road passage - 2nd house
    Food - Left from car take road passage - 3rd house
    (back track to car)

    Chapter 7
    Passenger Left from car - First house 3rd floor (not church)
    Water - Left from car - 2nd House 2nd floor
    Food - Left from car take boat - First house
    Gass - Left from car take boat - 2nd house 2nd room (go up lader and around)
    (backtrack and leave)

    Chapter 8
    Water - Right from car only 1 way to go
    Food - Left from car stay above ground use ladder in sawmill
    Passenger - Left from car use ladder in sawmill
    Gas - Left from car - Basement Far left
    (backtrack and leave)

    Chapter 9
    Gass - 1st Sewer - just to the left of the car
    Passenger - Left from car 2nd house (dont use sewer)
    Water - Right from car - Stay above ground in "factory" on top of ladder
    Food - Right from car use factory Elevator - Follow the only path
    (Follow the only path back to car)

    Chapter 10
    Gas - Left take Road passage - First sewer
    Passenger - Left take Road passage - First sewer - 2nd floor ladder on left
    Water - Left take Road passage - 3rd floor above passenger far left main floor
    (back track return to car)
    Food - Left from car - stay on main floor going left - go down 5 sets of ladders - go left - First building climb to the top
    (backtrack and leave)

    Chapter 11
    Food - Left from car - 4th house - 3rd floor (BAR)
    Passenger - Left from car - Last house at the end
    (back track return to car)
    Water - Right from car follow only path - First house past church 3rd floor
    Gas - Right from car - Last house sewer follow the path
    (keep going same direction back to car)

    Chaper 12 Achievements pop
    Not sure is there is a "passenger" here As i have not explored it fully
  • MishqqaMishqqa233,061
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    ok if u take all survivors from dlc levels and finish the game u will have all achievements or u need to take 1st and noone else ?
  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan282,507
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    Sorry i didn't get notification on this post. you have to do 1 at a time you can not pick up more than one. this should unlock every in turn if i remember correctly
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