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DLC Cheese hope you like cheese,

  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan282,507
    Posted on 20 December 17 at 04:29, Edited on 05 January 18 at 14:25 by D34dBodyManPermalink
    I got a cheese to save a ton of play time: wish i thought of this sooner. but i got it working on chapter 6

    1. Pick up the passenger from chapter 1
    2. ride in your car to chapter 2, once in front of your car
    3. exit game to menu
    4. press xbox button and quit game
    5. Load game ( this is when the game syncs to the cloud)
    6. select continue add-on
    7. Once you are in front you your car-- unplup your network connection / disconnect wifi
    8. Finish the game / chapter 11, when your car crashes and you gain control of your character the achievement registers.
    9. now press xbox button > select final station > Manage game > save data > Delete all 2 times ( this will force close the game)
    10. Plug your network connection back in / enable wifi
    11. Load the game, you will pull the cloud save back onto your system
    (the achievement will pop on screen) select continue add-on
    (you now start at chapter 2, never playing the previous chapters)

    Pick up the new passenger in chapter 2 and ride in your car until you get to chapter 3.

    repeat steps 3-11

    (you now start at chapter 3) never playing the previous chapters)

    Pick up the passenger in chapter 3 and ride in your car until you get to chapter 4

    repeat steps 3-11

    (you now start at chapter 4 never playing the previous chapters)

  • Posted on 27 December 17 at 12:17Permalink
    nice guide mate toast
  • AdmiralMooAdmiralMoo514,877
    Posted on 28 December 17 at 02:02Permalink
    Correct me if I am wrong, but with this method none of the achievements will be timestamped?
  • AhayzoAhayzo556,787
    Posted on 28 December 17 at 02:13Permalink
    The Xbox One is always timestamped. If you meet the requirements offline, the achievement doesn't actually unlock until you come back online.
  • gobey17gobey17716,245
    Posted on 04 January 18 at 01:50Permalink
    Hasn't seemed to work for me. Pulled wire out of router back in and out at the correct times yet achievement hasn't popped for one of my survivors. Not even at 100% either so seems like I've wasted a playthrough. cry
  • gobey17gobey17716,245
    Posted on 04 January 18 at 15:28Permalink
    Ooh, I stand corrected, it seems to have shown up now after coming on the next day. Even though there was no progression on the achievement tracker. Nice!
  • D34dBodyManD34dBodyMan282,507
    Posted on 05 January 18 at 14:22Permalink
    1 achievement did not pop for me when i reconnected to my account. I navigated over to the achievement in the xbox side menu and it popped as they loaded.
  • Mysterio400Mysterio400904,132
    Posted on 17 April 18 at 15:41Permalink
    Very nice, cut 8 hours of play to about 4. Thanks!
  • Pluto70Pluto70276,234
    Posted on 01 May 18 at 18:13Permalink
    Never worked for me.
  • T0per HarleyT0per Harley482,917
    Posted on 07 May 18 at 12:15Permalink
    Thank you ! I have to shutdown xbox once I re-synchronised the game but it works like a charm.
  • Aether 93Aether 937,038
    Posted on 13 August 18 at 13:14Permalink
    Very Nice! Thanks! clap
  • Posted on 12 September 18 at 12:38Permalink
    There is several hours between the first condition (reach chapter 12 with a PNJ) and the achievement. You may have to close and restart the game several time to force sync.
    Some players report that consulting the HUB of the game can help.
  • SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink1,335,103
    Posted on 26 September 18 at 18:32Permalink
    First time i tried it it didnt work. SEcond time it did. What i did the second time is I quit the game and THEN deleted the saves. Simply deleting the games and it force quitting it was the only difference and that did not get it to work so if you cannot get it to work do it the way i did it and quit the game before you delete the saves.
  • GaidcnGaidcn277,994
    Posted on 19 February 19 at 07:51Permalink
    Tried it once it didn't work. I really don't want to waste another playthrough for nothing!
  • Boda YettBoda Yett458,264
    Posted on 24 February 19 at 03:30Permalink
    Still works as of 02/23/2019. Massive delay in achievement unlocking forewarned though.
  • finallife6finallife6764,927
    Posted on 24 February 19 at 06:17, Edited on 24 February 19 at 06:20 by finallife6Permalink
    To anyone who tries this just a heads up don't expect the achievement to pop up right away. First time I did this it took over 15 minutes and I went to play another game, so yeah it is a bit of hope and pray but for the last batch of survivors it looks like it will be really useful.
  • xNeo21xxNeo21x527,217
    Posted on 27 February 19 at 09:18Permalink
    I’m almost done with the dlc with this method (4 more achievements to go) and when I reconnect the Ethernet cable and launch the game, nothing happens. However, if I do a hard reboot, the achievement unlocks every time during the boot sequence. Hope that helps anyone who tries this and doesn’t think it works.
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