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Polyamory and bozaks horde.

  • Posted on 20 December 17 at 14:32Permalink
    I'm looking to complete the polyamory achievement along with bozaks horde.

    I have maxed stats and a lot of volatile hunter batons. If anyone is interested, please pm me and we can set up a time.
  • VygerVyger251,692
    Posted on 22 December 17 at 21:10Permalink
    I'm interested.
  • Rampage vFRampage vF360,944
    Posted on 05 February 18 at 22:12, Edited on 06 February 18 at 18:09 by Rampage vFPermalink
    I've got 5 quests ready to turn in if people still need this.

    EDIT - Thanks to those who joined up.
  • HalderHalder314,748
    Posted on 12 March 18 at 09:37, Edited on 12 March 18 at 10:06 by HalderPermalink
    anyone still needing this?
    me and a friend have been trying to get it for a few days with randoms and struggling...
    any help would be appreciated. toast
  • Posted on 21 March 18 at 14:21Permalink
    I have myself and 2 others, looking to grab a fourth for Polyamory. If anyone is interested, or better yet, has 5 quests ready to turn in and can invite us in, please let me know!
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