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The TrueAchievements Game of the Year 2017

Posted on 30 December 17 at 15:53
And again, I'm sorry, but no way that a telltale "kind of a game, but not really" game should be considered the top game. It's hardly even a game!
Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Nick S Admin
Nick S Admin
Posted on 31 December 17 at 14:12
AC Origins GOTY? Hahaha what a joke..
Posted on 01 January 18 at 02:59
Those "this is a bad year for games" and "shitty year for gaming on Xbox" posts just fucking baffles me. Well, I have something to say to them: What the hell you've been playing in the past 12 months? Maybe try PLAYING SOME GAMES for a change.

I had a great year of gaming on Xbox. I wish there's Nier on Xbox, but still, I had a great year gaming-wise. Cuphead, RE7, AssCreed Origins, Wolf 2, etc. Cuphead should have take TA's GOTY, but AC Origins is a good pick. I love both.

I do disagreed with Destiny 2 being 'Best Shooter' as much as I enjoyed the game (aside from some of the BS), Wolfenstein 2 should have take it IMO. But I'm not losing sleep over it.
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