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Bigben Interactive Releases New Trailer for TT Isle of Man

  • DamnSillyDamnSilly910,132
  • Posted on 22 December 17 at 08:40Permalink
    can't wait. went to watch the manx last year. mental.
  • BMann1976BMann1976140,894
    Posted on 22 December 17 at 16:19Permalink
    A whole game based on 1 race?
  • Posted on 24 December 17 at 00:54Permalink
    BMann1976 said:
    A whole game based on 1 race?
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen576,812
    Posted on 27 December 17 at 19:18Permalink
    lol. Will this have all the different race categories in it? Obviously the supersports but the lower ones and even the sidecars? clap
  • adamrulzadamrulz380,970
    Posted on 29 December 17 at 22:43Permalink
    I’m also concerned with the game being all about one single event. I need to know classes and available vehicles, track variants or practice courses, achievements... I would think the game would go stale rather quickly if it’s really based off of one track, no matter how many types of vehicles are used. I love doing races in Forza with low class cars (MK2 GTI, Mini Cooper etc) but I don’t think this game would be fun on Mopeds or something... anyways, interested in manor more details and not poems and a trailer lol.
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