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Rough Achievement Guide

Posted on 22 December 17 at 20:36
My notes:
-Get all health, light and dark magic upgrades as soon as possible.
-Buy all light magic moves as soon as possible and then the ultimate light magic move for 25,000, it's the best move in the game.
-Paladin difficulty is not much tougher than Squire. The enemies seem to move the same, etc. The only difference seems to be the amount of damage you take from each enemy hit, on squire you can take 20-40 before dying and on paladin you can take between 3 on bosses and 6-8 for normal enemies. Just learn to dodge with LT, get a few direct heavy attacks in and then dodge again. Anyone can 1000G this game.

The hardest trials are the one where you destroy 100 boxes in 20 seconds, 11-2 kill the dragon within 5 minutes, the other two timed boss battles, the one with the vampire boss where you have to get a combo for 60 seconds. There's a couple other ones. Most trials are very easy, but a few of them were very frustrating. Follow a video on the timed bosses and make checkpoints of how much time you should have left on the clock at those checkpoints. The hardest one is definitely the destroy 100 boxes in 20 seconds in Chapter 5. It took me several hours to finally get it. Just keep trying and you'll get better and better at it over time, even if some runs you do worse, over time you will on average be doing better and eventually will get it.

Here's a link to the rest of the Rough Achievement Guide, just follow it and you can 1000G this.
Posted on 11 May 18 at 15:24
Thanks :)
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