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Filtering “players required” achievements doesn’t work

WebChimp UKFixedPending update
Posted on 23 December 17 at 14:21
Ever since the various “N players required” flags were consolidated, it no longer works to filter by them in achievement lists. As an example:
Tomb Raider Achievements
Lists 4 achievements of that type but shows zero when you filter.
It DOES however work on the My Achievements page.
Posted on 05 January 18 at 13:30
Please search next time before creating a new thread.
Flag Filter for 'Players Required' doesn't work.
The "Players Required" filters is broken
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 05 February 18 at 16:36
Thanks for raising this. Pending a site update the filtering is now fixed and you'll also be able to filter based on the distinct players required flags attached to the achievements in a game, rather than just a general "does it have any players required?". toast
Information Posted on 07 February 18 at 10:02
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