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The field of view

Posted on 25 December 17 at 23:07
I really think The Evil Within 2 is a really good game, but when I heard that pc version allowed you to adjust to field of view. I thought why not on console.
Posted on 17 February 18 at 03:38
aiming at 30 fps with increased aspect ratio would be fuckin impossible. also, frame drops possibly.
Sabin VI
Sabin VI
Posted on 17 February 18 at 06:38, Edited on 17 February 18 at 06:45 by Sabin VI
because the Hardware in your Xbox One is from 2013 and you can pretty much customize your PC as much as you want if you've got the money.. even a Budget 500$ PC with Decent Hardware ismore Powerfull than an X1X so short story PC's are way more powerfull.. and Console Games are limited to it#s current Hardware.. if you want more Graphic Power you're playing on the wrong Platform.
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