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Xbox One Sale Roundup: December 26th, 2017

  • Zarda1Zarda1550,626
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 14:09Permalink
    Human goty was or is 33% off.
  • JonkerJonker897,190
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 14:44Permalink
    KenH2k4 said:
    Life is Strange: Before The Storm and RBI Baseball 17 are on sale too. They may be the daily deals for the 26, so I grabbed both of them.
    The daily deal is stuff for Trove . I was going to complain that TA is not mentioning any of the daily deals but they have been so crappy so far that they don't even deserve to be mentioned laugh
  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic450,395
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 14:48Permalink
    Lumps of coal.
  • Posted on 26 December 17 at 15:09Permalink
    It would be nice if you could create a Xbox Anywhere category, so that people who play on Windows 10 could find more easily the games they could be interested by.
  • Posted on 26 December 17 at 15:18Permalink
    Picked up The Little Acre. Easy 1000 G's for $2.60 sounds good.
  • AnatanaAnatana186,004
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 15:48Permalink
    Sine Mora is one of the best rail shooters ever, definitely worth it at this price
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm311,166
    Posted on 26 December 17 at 15:55Permalink
    Of course the Holiday sale is still in effect so there are actually quite a large number of games on sale.
  • Posted on 27 December 17 at 03:07Permalink
    It's the Hitman Game of the year on sale for 30% off. I recommend Coffin Dodgers to anyone looking for a quick and easy completion.
  • ChooseMyFateChooseMyFate340,856
  • AlahertAlahert696,459
    Posted on 27 December 17 at 14:28Permalink
    Nothing caught my interest.
    DARK 777
  • Nintenda64Nintenda64166,892
  • AkSoVAkSoV232,033
  • matdanmatdan701,045
    Posted on 27 December 17 at 19:24Permalink
    AkSoV said:
    ChooseMyFate said:
    I'm just gonna leave this here:

    As of right now

    Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One - Digital Code
    In stock - Instant Delivery
    $ 0.79
    This is awesome, don't really know if it's on purpose tho, that's really freaking cheap... thanks a lot buddy !!
    They have so many unsold codes that at this point they are just trying to make some kind of money back on them and clear the large amount of codes out. Decent game for how cheap it was and probably one of the better Xbox One Assassin's Creed games.
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