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The Most Played Games on TrueAchievements in 2017 - Part One

j wizite
j wizite
Posted on 29 December 17 at 01:29
I’m predicting GOW4, Destiny, and the Division are on the top 5 of the list.

-Gears was grindy as fuck.
-Destiny players got but holed by the developers by eventually making the gear earned worthless after updates. 2 of my friends put like 3000 hours in that bitch
-Division is another game you have to spend 3000 hours to get the best gear. And idiot kids spend their entire life life doing it
Posted on 29 December 17 at 01:42
I’m embarrassed to say but I’ve not played any of them except for Minecraft at my Brother-In-Laws house.
I have Minecraft downloaded now and want to definitely try Halo Wars and Resident Evil 7.
Any others on the list worth a try?
Posted on 29 December 17 at 05:00
adamrulz said:
0/10 for me ... I’m not a big AAA fan, though I do get to them sometimes, but like others, I have quite the backlog. More games than games played. I played COD but never popped an achievement and obviously haven’t played much. I wish more people played the small games like Snake Pass, Little Nightmares, and a lot of other Id@xbox games. There have been some real gems through that program, but oh well, at least I was able to play them!! As far as I’m concerned it’s the id@xbox program that gets me most excited each year
Couldn't agree more. Games im looking forward to the most are Last Night, Artful Escape, Ooblets, Ori 2, Ashen and Below !
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