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Achievements not unlocking properly

  • Skate 323Skate 3231,937,680
    Posted on 31 December 17 at 02:52Permalink
    I used BiLLzuMaNaTi great walkthrough guide however it seems some of the achievements are glitchy. I figured I'd put the ones down that didn't unlock for me causing me to have to do a second playthrough. This way you can make a save before the select achievements and if they don't unlock just reload the save. Anyway here are the ones that didn't unlock for me after my first full playthrough of all 3 episodes:
    The blinking eyes
    The sledgehammer
    The maze
    Button master
    Plate master
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant549,380
    Posted on 01 January 18 at 00:45Permalink
    Xbox has been having issues for a week. Unlocks have been delayed for many people in many games. If you have met the requirements it should unlock in a few days.

    I fixed mine by deleting my profile, restarting the console and downloading the profile again.
    This post may be sarcastic.
  • Skate 323Skate 3231,937,680
    Posted on 01 January 18 at 02:52Permalink
    Ok thanks for the info. I wasn't sure what was going on. I'll give it a try!
  • KugareKugare1,922,131
    Posted on 05 January 18 at 02:36Permalink
    Currently i have the same problem. 4 story related achievements was still unlocked after completing the game. Replaying the parts unlocked the achievements for me.
  • Skate 323Skate 3231,937,680
    Posted on 06 January 18 at 15:42Permalink
    Yes same. I had to replay to get them to pop. Sadly I have several achievements in 2 other games where they are stuck at 100% but locked. I've tried everything and they wont unlock.
  • Gunstar RedGunstar Red1,247,243
    Posted on 21 January 18 at 13:32Permalink
    I had the same problem, but it was different achievements that didn't unlock properly. Meeting the requirements a second time didn't work, so did a hard system reset, met the requirements again and they popped. One of them I even had to do three times after the hard reset for it to finally pop.

    Definitely good advice to save right before an achievement, then reload if it doesn't pop. I think the game might autosave whenever you go through a door, so don't leave a room if the achievement was supposed to unlock there. At least there is chapter select and they are short if you know what to do already.
  • Mad FlavorzMad Flavorz222,557
    Posted on 30 January 18 at 06:43, Edited on 30 January 18 at 06:44 by Mad FlavorzPermalink
    I've got the same problem as well. I got all 10 coins in Episode 3 and also finding Tory and getting the knife (all those are very close together) but the achievements never popped.
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