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Frustrated with Myself in Hardcore

Posted on 05 January 18 at 20:53
Before I start let me say that I'm not new to the game, series, or enemies. I'm actually on Chapter 13 of Hardcore mode and used all my saves. Okay? Okay.

So I made it as far as Chapter 14, the room immediately before the zero g area.
I died in a dumbass way (tried to be cautious and enemies swarmed me and I was out of Contact Beam ammo) and ever since that death last week I've lost all desire to try anymore.
I have the fire inside that wants to play but as soon as I boot up the game I lose all interest.

My loadout consists of a fully upgraded Force Gun and Contact Beam, max rig (using the Bloody Vintage DLC one) and a barely upgraded stasis (I almost never used it because I mastered the Force...Gun) and I've been running train for several days only dying when I got careless or played too cautiously.

I've watched speedrunners and tried to emulate their moves but I die at the rotating lasers so I've started "speed running" to that room and then taking time to kill everything.
I've been careful but then it takes about an hour to clear one chapter, sometimes less than a chapter. Sure it's safer but if I die I just wasted (let's say) 3 hours of my time.

And once Chapter 14 starts that damn Ubermorph gives me anxiety.
The first time I got to Chapter 14 on Hardcore I forgot he spawned in the same room as the eye machine and he attacked me when I just exploring the room for items and started my hack. I survived, yeah, but then it was just panic the whole way until i died.

Does anyone have any late-game tips or am I now at the point where it's best to play it safe and take my time?
I really want to finish the game because I'm so close but I can't motivate myself because I'm afraid of wasting my time upon death
Posted on 05 January 18 at 22:51
So your last save is chapter 13? My last save was just before the eye machine. I used fully upgraded force gun, fully upgraded plasma cutter and half upgraded rig and nearly fully upgraded stasis. Stasis helps from chapter 14 because you should really just be running through/away from the black necromorph. Make sure you also have plenty of health packs.

I didn't have any problems with the last 3-4 chapters but i was pretty well set up with health packs and ammo. Stasis is an absolute must on the black necro. Personally i would ditch the contact beam, force gun all the way.
Posted on 06 January 18 at 04:18, Edited on 06 January 18 at 06:57 by KanadianKevin
The first time I made it to Chapter 13 on Hardcore I skipped saving with the intent on using it just before the eye machine but I died in the room immediately after the elevator (which is where I'm currently saved) and got reverted back to the Chapter 7 checkpoint before the Solar Aray.
I'm fine with experimenting with suits and weapons but again if I die I start back with what I have currently.

The stasis is helpful no doubt but I used the Force Gun so much I neglected it completely and spent more time powering it, the Contact, and my rig instead.
Don't get me wrong the Force Gun is my bread and butter and with dirt-cheap ammo it's hard to ignore but I'm wondering if I should respec the nodes to the stasis module and another weapon or just sell it outright and buy tons of health and Contact ammo.

The alt fire on the Contact Beam causes an AOE stasis so if something is too close I can freeze it and usually kill it. It's not ideal but it costs the same amount of ammo as a regular shot so I don't hesitate to use it.
Also the end boss is super easy with the basic fire, one to Nicole, one to the Marker, repeat, done.

I've seen plenty of walkthroughs but either they're insanely lucky or I just suck lol
I'll give the Cutter a try; maybe the extra fire effect will help more than I gave it credit for

edit: So it's 1:30 in the morning and after three attempts I actually friggin' did it!
I'm so mentally exhausted but equally hyped to see my new toy but I'm basically forcing myself to sleep.
For the record I ran with the Force Gun the entire way, skipping fights and using stasis tanks as well as my own to freeze enemies long enough to slip by them and only used the Contact Beam three times:once in a hallway to use ground stasis, once against the Brute, and of course for the fight against Nicole.

I tried the Plasma Cutter, sold my Contact Beam, respec'd the nodes, didn't do it for me. It's powerful to be sure but I found myself barely using it and I ran out of ammo for it pretty fast cuz I started to panic a little towards the end. Personal preference, that's all.

I also used the Advanced Suit so my personal stasis recharged 50% faster and I had an extra 20% damage reduction and 20 inventory slots (versus the 15% and 15 slots on my Bloody Vintage Suit).
The Advanced Suit is well worth the 40,000 credits and it's only the second best suit the game has to offer (the best for Hardcore since NG+ doesn't apply here).

My first death was to the debris when you need to catch up with Ellie in the ship and I was just a little too far right.
The second death was in a narrow hallway and I pressed B instead of LB so I TK'd a box instead of using the ground stasis and i got sandwiched between two Necros and couldn't escape fast enough.
Third time I actually did it so WOOT WOOT!!

I'm super hyped to do Zealot now and to actually friggin' be able to SAVE MY GAME REGULARLY. So much win on a personal level.

Thanks for your tips, Ultras500.
I added extra health kits to my inventory (keeping about 10-12 medium) and kept my Contact ammo to about one and a half stacks; the rest with Force ammo.
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