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Posted on 06 January 18 at 22:00
I just beat the Archon on Insanity but the achievement hasn't popped. Do I need to get 100% on all the worlds, or should I just kill myself?
Ragnor 117
Ragnor 117
Posted on 12 January 18 at 17:23
There are 2 ways to get that achievement - complete campaign on insanity or complete 5/6 gold multiplayer match extractions. If the campaign hasn't unlocked it try the multiplayer. You need to be alive in the extraction circle on the extraction wave (7) when the timer gets to zero.

I still play the MP a lot so if u want some help with it just let me know on here or msg me on line. If you haven't played the MP at all I will need to level your character to level 14 for u to be able to complete a gold match.
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