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TA Podcast: Jump, Step, Step, Fable 4 Rumours, AC Origins and Win a Game Code

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic644,005
  • KingyOwlKingyOwl590,335
    Posted on 19 January 18 at 19:44
    Yey, not listened (or entered) yet but glad to see you're taking my suggestion from a couple of weeks ago and making people listen to find out the comment theme.
  • AgentZachMorganAgentZachMorgan2,203,931
    Posted on 19 January 18 at 21:59
    Miyamoto heard that everyone loved loot boxes, but somewhere along the line it got lost in translation.
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  • Posted on 20 January 18 at 01:08
    I have no doubt playground can make Fable 4 a great game. The thing that worries me the most is I wouldn’t want Fable 4 to loose the humor aspect of the game.

    The cardboard things confuse the hell out out of me but if I was going to get one I’d get the exoskeleton bc that thing is looks cooler than a piano.
  • Posted on 20 January 18 at 01:36
    I own a switch and the nintendo labo looks kind of weird. I think it is a good way for kids to get into games if they get to make it themselves. I would get the robot over the variety though.
  • CasperTCCasperTC865,653
    Posted on 20 January 18 at 03:03, Edited on 20 January 18 at 03:05 by CasperTC
    Labia? Labossa?
  • Posted on 20 January 18 at 07:13
    I am so friggin glad that I'm not the nintendrone that I was just 5 years ago. I would've preordered both kits on the spot, and got chewed out by my parents. The......Variety.....Kit.....Though.....redface
  • ZkerfZkerf1,672,069
    Posted on 20 January 18 at 16:18
    Assassin's Creed Orgy comment made me grin, I'm as immature as you guys are.. shame!
  • Posted on 20 January 18 at 19:50
    Great podcast.intresting to see what this Nintendo labo plays like.
  • Posted on 20 January 18 at 23:12
    Cardboard is good, Microsoft had it all wrong with the Kinect.
  • TTDog666TTDog666634,418
    Posted on 20 January 18 at 23:16
    As long as Fable maintains the same sort of humour I'm fine with Playground taking on the franchise.
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  • Posted on 21 January 18 at 04:10
    Nintendo's cardboard kits seem interesting to me. I had a lot of fun as a kid building forts and stuff with cardboard.
  • UberHilikusUberHilikus543,562
    Posted on 21 January 18 at 10:49
    I just bought my Nintendo Labo yesterday. Although, the pizza cheese was stuck to the top of it when I opened it.....
  • M4dzlM4dzl234,999
    Posted on 22 January 18 at 11:58
    I had a look at the Nintendo Labo trailer and indeed it seems to offer nice use cases with these cardboards.
  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,395,432
    Posted on 22 January 18 at 17:03
    Microsoft release a device that can sense you in 3D accurately, everybody calls it a gimmick and wants nothing to do with it.

    Years later, Nintendo release some DIY cardboard and people call it immersive.

  • Posted on 22 January 18 at 18:31
    The plural of "Labo" is "Labo Kits". Example: There is only one Labo left on the shelves, but fortunately I purchased two Labo Kits last week.
  • taximiketaximike473,014
    Posted on 22 January 18 at 18:33
    They could do cardboard darts as a nice mini game...
  • angelskangelsk1,266,873
    Posted on 23 January 18 at 11:10
    I read it as Lab-O; like laboratory :) Looks interesting, not for me - but I can see it getting lots of kids into Engineering etc
  • Daryl MapleDaryl Maple1,023,778
    Posted on 23 January 18 at 11:43
    So I have been scratching my head about the Labo and wondering what’s the point in this thing. Then to hear the TA staff talk highly about the product I was even more confused. Don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo and own a Switch. I got the premise of the Switch as soon as it was announced when others didn’t and wrote it off. So what am I missing with Labo? I just don’t get it. I’m just getting flashbacks of all those controllers that released for the Wii (Steering wheel, gun etc...) Only this time it’s made out of cardboard.
  • triplepowtriplepow225,103
    Posted on 23 January 18 at 15:49
    Anyone else want to hear whether Ollie is allowed on the podcast - whether he's actually just racking up TA for Jack and Rich - and what the development plans really are?

    Good job on the podcast again gents - especially the "forward planning" of "we've got a question on that haven't we?".

    Facts and comedy - made a dark wet morning drive more fun as usual
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