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Anyone looking to do the Fly the Co-op achievement

Z GreyFox Z
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Z GreyFox Z
Posted on 22 January 18 at 23:40
Today while attempting to help out an friend do the coop achievement which I hadn't done since 2013. I met a player online who really knows what he is doing and helped me help my friend get the achievement. It took less than an hour to do all 3 missions in the time needed to complete. His gamertag is xIPhoeniix. All you need to do is message him and he is will help you complete it.
Posted on 23 January 18 at 03:23
I added him in case I ever do the game lol.
Posted on 26 January 18 at 01:58
Thanks GreyFox. I have messaged him as I only need Bomb da Base II.
Bang Pow Boom!
Posted on 28 January 18 at 17:05
Did he say he is willing to help whoever? I don't want to bug him if he doesn't want to be helping tons of random people.
Posted on 29 January 18 at 00:54
I can confirm xIPhoeniix is the go-to guy for this achievement. He is happy to help anyone and did not ask for anything in return. He is capable of finishing all 3 missions solo and you just need to be along for the ride. Great guy!
Bang Pow Boom!
Posted on 29 January 18 at 14:06
Yep, xIPhoeniix is a beast at this game and helped me out too for nothing in return. You really don't need to do anything except get in and out of vehicles, he does the rest. Great guy!
Posted on 08 February 18 at 21:47
+1 for Phoenix, great guy. Send him a message if you need them done.
Posted on 18 July 18 at 15:36
I also can confirm xIphoeniix is the go to guy for this achievement, hands down the best player I've met in GTA 4 online!
Posted on 05 August 18 at 18:59
Yup, iPhoeniix is crazy good at this.
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