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  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN2,155,337
    Posted on 23 January 18 at 01:25
    I'm thinking of importing this, but I can't find a guide anywhere. Is it just a really simple VN or something?
  • xTCxxTCx2,214,286
    Posted on 24 January 18 at 00:53
    I can't either, I'm not sure how people outside of Japan are completing this, assuming they don't know Japanese
  • Jzarp43Jzarp431,696,392
  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN2,155,337
    Posted on 24 January 18 at 15:59
    Yup, that's the one Celtic Force gave me.
  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN2,155,337
    Posted on 26 January 18 at 23:57, Edited on 27 January 18 at 06:11 by IXI FalcoN
    Found some errors in the guide:

    The first set of yellow words you need to find after doing the first radio mini game should be 口 コ ミ
    and NOT コミ口 like the guide mistakenly has it.

    When you start the next playtrhough after the guide asks you to load save file 1:

    You have to start memorizing yellow words again. When it asks you to memorize 黒魔術代行屋
    in the game it shows up as 黒魔術, 代行屋

    Later on in the guide when you have to start replacing memorized words, some of the kanji characters are switched around, just match it up with the closest equivalent, not hard to figure out.

    Tip: When the guide says to not use auto skip and just manually progress the text for the yellow radio prompts, do not listen to this. Use the skip. Keep your eye on the rotating square in the lower right corner. When it turns yellow, stop the skip and press LS to tune the radio. There will be a couple that flash up and pass by too quickly, just reload the most recent quick load file and progress manually.
  • planting42planting422,098,340
    Posted on 07 February 18 at 02:19
    Good tips. Worked for me.
  • Jamiereloaded23Jamiereloaded232,762,102
    Posted on 18 February 18 at 21:20
    I find this guide rather difficult to use, and now I have just finished my 4th playthrough so I supposedly should have access to the True Story Mode however I cannot for the life of me access it. If anyone finds a better guide please link it here as it would be greatly appreciated.
  • PerdiepPerdiep3,978,233
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