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    Posted on 23 January 18 at 07:15
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    Posted on 27 May 18 at 14:41
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  • Posted on 20 September 20 at 03:46
    You don't have to do anything after completing game. The sniper rifle is there after you leave mines. It's obtainable after I believe "the eds death" story mission. Simply walk into power station and after you've turned the water valve off, the far door will open allowing access to sniper rifle. I had 1000 gs on normal completion.
  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper992,172,450
    Posted on 20 September 20 at 05:00
    Interesting. Everything I've heard and seen requires doing the hand grenade toss off the bridge to get it to appear there. I'll have to take a look I guess.
  • MagicalChildMagicalChild1,037,762
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 17:21
    I believe the grenade toss is necessary but it definitely can be done during the main story. I only used the guide when I was a little stuck and I stumbled over the pine cone/grenade by accident looking for the stone (hadn't figured out the word aligning facepalm). Later on the bridge, "throw grenade" showed up. I struggled finding the right angle to make it turn yellow and since it wasn't mentioned in the guide as being relevant at that point, I abandoned it.
    I've been walking around the rocky shore later but unless I somehow missed it, the scuba diver wasn't there.

    Naturally, I wasn't too thrilled to find out I would have actually needed to throw the grenade after I finished the story.
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  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper992,172,450
    Posted on 01 April 21 at 21:54
    As I said previously, this is definitely a surprise to me. I can put a note in there, but I had found this to be on a return later. Luckily between the fast travel after completing the game and the fast nature of this, it shouldn't be too bad either way.
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