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TA Podcast: Sea of Thieves, Xbox Game Pass, ID Streams Return and Win a Code

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic627,620
  • Posted on 26 January 18 at 19:22
    Great show. In regards to Game Pass I'm looking forward to two things. One, first party games coming to the service as soon as they are released. Two, being able to play quick achievement completion games such as Pac-Man Championship Edition DX without paying for them. I had a free trial last year and I finished about 8 games. At full price those games would have cost at least $50. I do wish that DLC would also be included in the Game Pass. For example, BioShock 2 is part of Game Pass, but the DLC would need to be purchased separately.
  • SlayingUrchin3SlayingUrchin32,154,017
    Posted on 26 January 18 at 22:36
    I think adding the DLC would be pretty cool, although with adding all future Microsoft titles, a price hike would be inevitable (some DLC is pretty expensive aswell, even totalling more than the base game cost xD). I wonder whether now Microsoft titles will be added if the amount of other games will slowly decrease (or is there a floor limit to how many games can be in the pass at any one time?)
  • Posted on 26 January 18 at 23:37
    Great podcast.I think the more the content added to Game pass the better.Will probably buy this soon.
  • Posted on 27 January 18 at 00:11
    With Game Pass getting all of the new Microsoft titles I will definitely be getting it now. I just hope that they will continue to add other games and try to get other companies games like Ubisofts added to the pass as well.
  • WebManWebMan1,031,121
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 00:22
    I feel like the addition of Microsoft games on day one for Game Pass makes it a definite buy now. I would like to see a Deluxe Game Pass Edition that’s includes all DLC. That would be worth paying $15 a month instead of $10. Also, how about an option to buy an annual pass at a reduced rate, like $99/year.
  • RADtech2448RADtech2448449,062
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 01:49
    I haven't jumped on the Game Pass bandwagon...yet. Perhaps the addition of these titles that I'd probably buy anyways will sway me
  • EmDeeGeeEmDeeGee898,000
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 02:12
    I have so many games in my backlog that I used to think I didn't need Game Pass, since I owned the bulk of the games anyway... But now that Microsoft pulled this move, I might have to reconsider...
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  • Raptures LostRaptures Lost1,466,978
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 02:41
    Game Pass is cool and the addition of first-party titles day one makes it even better! I've only used my free 14 day trial so far and I have managed to play a bunch of games that I may not have played otherwise. I hope Microsoft start making some better exclusive games so I can feel the true benefits. Basically, as long as they keep the titles fresh I can see myself using it frequently. I just played and completed Halo 5 for free! What's not to love!?
  • pezboybenpezboyben953,924
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 04:48
    I'd say with Game Pass the move to include all Microsoft titles going forward definitely makes it more appealing. I'm still not sure if I will be getting it but that will depend what games are coming out.
  • Posted on 27 January 18 at 05:56
    I would really like to see a games pass/gold membership bundle, hopefully save money on both. It would be awesome if they could bundle DLC into a games pass plus thing for a couple extra bucks but I just don’t see it happening. I think they want you to buy the DLC separately and it makes sense.

    I bought the new Assassins Creed but I’m not paying another $10 for one DLC but if if AC was in game pass I would think harder about buying the $10 DLC bc I’ve only spent $10 to play the main game.
  • pgt1ps77pgt1ps77701,144
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 07:39
    Started my game pass subscription , got me playing games I wouldn’t normally buy, eg bug butcher, great for the achievements and even better when day one releases are added
  • M4dzlM4dzl226,790
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 08:52
    The Game Pass definitely became more attractive to me with these latest modifications, but I have so many unplayed games in my backlog, it wouldn't make sense to stack up another subscription. Maybe if they add an AAA game I really want to play asap, I'll get the Pass on demand. dance
  • angelskangelsk1,141,838
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 09:08
    I want to be able to buy the 12 month sub for GP, but depending on the first party games I can see myself adding this to my subscriptions at some point soon
  • Daryl MapleDaryl Maple954,490
    Posted on 27 January 18 at 14:26
    The fact I was going to buy two of the three confirmed Microsoft games this year I think the game pass is a no brainier for me. I basically get the third for free, plus the added benefit of trying all the other games. (Even if I own 90% of them) So as long as Microsoft releases 2 games a year that I want I will be subscribing for the foreseeable future.

    Also it should be call Games Pass not Game Pass wink
  • Posted on 27 January 18 at 15:47
    Game pass looks cool but I don't know if I will get it because I already have two subscriptions. I did like the trial though.
  • Posted on 28 January 18 at 00:07
    I wonder if we will be able to pre-download the games for day one play, or if they only becomes available to download on day one.
  • Jawnie BJawnie B2,862,476
    Posted on 28 January 18 at 04:39
    I refuse to put my credit card on file so game pass is a no go for me unless they start manufacturing codes that I can pick up in the store. I did get a one month pass with my Xbox one X. Does anyone know if they make you use a credit card to redeem it? Eventually I will try to redeem it, I'm just waiting until there are some games that are worth it.
  • TTDog666TTDog666589,164
    Posted on 28 January 18 at 11:25
    I have enough games in my backlog without subscribing to Game Pass and adding potentially another 60 or 70 titles to that... just not worth it for me... I've enough games to keep me busy for a couple of years even if I don't buy any more in the meantime.
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  • ChuggyBeggsChuggyBeggs163,460
    Posted on 28 January 18 at 11:40
    I still owed A LOT of games on Game Pass. All the AAA I'm interested in I have already (and not played that much of them = backlog) and have plenty of other titles. When it's brimming with new exclusive content then that's the time I'll be getting on it.
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