Game Discussion: Wordament Snap Attack (Android)

Not on the Marketplace anymore?

  • BootDookBootDook442,805
    Posted on 28 January 18 at 15:40Permalink
    Is this not on the marketplace anymore? I tried looking for it to download and try the offline achievement method. Can anyone else confirm and shed some light on what my be my despair?
    Just straight Bootdooking it up
  • JumboWarioJumboWario707,616
    Posted on 28 January 18 at 17:01Permalink
    It's been delisted on all platforms.
    Game On.
  • Posted on 29 January 18 at 22:00Permalink
    You reckon the servers will shutdown for all these versions? I got over 800,000 Points throughout my time of playing it throughout 2017 and I hate to see that get wasted. The Android Version is the only one I'm working on, but I believe I can get the IOS and I also have the Windows 8 version on my Windows 10 Surface Pro.
  • ProscalineProscaline708,873
    Posted on 29 January 18 at 22:11Permalink
    This is currently still available for Android through the Amazon App store and is also still available on Windows 10 through the direct MP link. Game pages will be updated tonight.
  • Posted on 29 January 18 at 22:13Permalink
    Guess we still have some time. Better grow my balls and actually get myself into ship shape on the game.
  • shelbygt5252shelbygt5252763,587
    Posted on 30 January 18 at 05:59Permalink
    Wow that sucks, this was a great game.
  • BootDookBootDook442,805
    Posted on 03 February 18 at 02:22Permalink
    I downloaded it via the amazon app store and going to try and see if I can get this done...if it is not glitched still...Take Luck..
    Just straight Bootdooking it up
  • guif87guif87405,127
    Posted on 10 February 18 at 12:06Permalink
    I'm playing it again after installed from amazon app store.
    Completed around 120 games, and didn't get the cheevo for playing 100 :(
  • slysyslysy589,025
    Posted on 23 February 18 at 20:12Permalink
    Has this been delisted from the Amazon app store now too?
  • Hahaman4realHahaman4real355,047
    Posted on 20 March 18 at 12:13Permalink
    anyway to download this on android?
  • SaucySlingoSaucySlingo490,398
    Posted on 20 March 18 at 13:49Permalink
    Someone provided the link further down in the forum. I just downloaded it.
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