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WebChimp UKFixedPending update
Posted on 04 February 18 at 17:22
When viewing the drop achievement list for Resident evil 6 it lists one of the flags as "2 Players Required" when this game has two that actually require three.

Resident Evil 6Staying AliveThe Staying Alive achievement in Resident Evil 6 worth 54 pointsReturn to the game as a human character.


Resident Evil 6Team EffortThe Team Effort achievement in Resident Evil 6 worth 50 pointsWin without any members of your team being killed.

As a result they won't show up if you only have the "Players Required" flag selected for obvious reasons.
This post is my own opinion, don't hate on it.
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 04 February 18 at 17:36
Flag Filter for 'Players Required' doesn't work.
The "Players Required" filters is broken
Filtering “players required” achievements doesn’t work
Posted on 05 February 18 at 13:40
Filter doesn't work in GTA V either.
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 05 February 18 at 13:49
...the filter doesn't work properly at all for Players Required, as can be evidenced by the multiple times it has been reported.
Posted on 05 February 18 at 14:24
Thanks, and apologies for not spotting the previous reports.

On it now though....
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 05 February 18 at 16:36
Thanks for raising this. Pending a site update the filtering is now fixed and you'll also be able to filter based on the distinct players required flags attached to the achievements in a game, rather than just a general "does it have any players required?". toast
Information Posted on 07 February 18 at 10:02
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