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  • DrMmmPieDrMmmPie297,993
    Posted on 04 February 18 at 17:22Permalink
    When viewing the drop achievement list for Resident evil 6 it lists one of the flags as "2 Players Required" when this game has two that actually require three.

    Resident Evil 6Staying AliveThe Staying Alive achievement in Resident Evil 6 worth 56 pointsReturn to the game as a human character.


    Resident Evil 6Team EffortThe Team Effort achievement in Resident Evil 6 worth 52 pointsWin without any members of your team being killed.

    As a result they won't show up if you only have the "Players Required" flag selected for obvious reasons.
    This post is my own opinion, don't hate on it.
  • halohogghalohogg102,073
    Posted on 05 February 18 at 13:40Permalink
    Filter doesn't work in GTA V either.
  • Posted on 05 February 18 at 13:49Permalink
    ...the filter doesn't work properly at all for Players Required, as can be evidenced by the multiple times it has been reported.
  • Posted on 05 February 18 at 14:24Permalink
    Thanks, and apologies for not spotting the previous reports.

    On it now though....
  • WebChimp UKWebChimp UK564,255
    Posted on 05 February 18 at 16:36Permalink
    Thanks for raising this. Pending a site update the filtering is now fixed and you'll also be able to filter based on the distinct players required flags attached to the achievements in a game, rather than just a general "does it have any players required?". toast
  • Posted on 07 February 18 at 10:02Permalink
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