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Private Party

Posted on 09 February 18 at 16:07
There is currently no guide for this achievement and it seems pretty straightforward from looking at videos on youtube. However, every time we try it, the achievement doesn't unlock. We have tried posting out in the store, or on the vantage point. Anyone have any easy advice?
Posted on 11 February 18 at 13:19
This, like many other achievements in this game are glitchy.
Check the thread here :

[New achievements with June update issues] $1.8M Speedrun achievement glitched

For more information and a workaround.

If it's not glitched, or as a easy solo method:
Play solo with ai, don't enter the building just hang around in the middle of the street. Let all the civilians run out and away (don't tie them up etc). Lock ai heisters to stay in the street. Place some turrets down in front of the entrance, and then just shoot any cops heading towards the entrance. If you do this with a dodge build, and bring turrets/small health you should get it first try.
Posted on 12 February 18 at 13:28
I did this with turrets guarding the sides and back, and myself and two jokers doing laps around the building shooting everything. Just a note, you may be discouraged to see a cloaker inside the building while doing this, but they do not count because they dropped from the ceiling automatically. When I saw them inside I had a panic attack, but when I went back into online mode the achievement popped.toast
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