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Online boosting?

  • Posted on 24 March 19 at 00:45Permalink
    If anyone need help on the Showdown achievement let me know. It’s the last achievement I need to get my 100%. We could boost a session and help each other - GT: Martinezzz Qc
  • CasyleCasyle348,341
    Posted on 12 April 19 at 21:17, Edited on 12 April 19 at 21:18 by CasylePermalink
    Is the online even active anymore? I notice Martinezzz still needs Showd0wn nearly a month later.

    Since this is only $9 right now I was thinkin' of getting it, but, dear God, I dread another situation like Army of 2: The 40th Day and Guitar Hero: World Tour, where it took a month, each, of constant searching to find 3 other players for the multiplayer achievements.
  • Posted on 13 April 19 at 21:12Permalink
    @ Casyle - The problem for me is not to find people it’s to get that fu$@king achievement... it’s bugged for me and I don’t know want to do. I deleted my save file several times, boost several sessions and did it legit and nothing. All the others people with who I played got it except me... If you launch the game add me and let me know I’ll do it with you.
  • CasyleCasyle348,341
    Posted on 14 April 19 at 07:14, Edited on 26 April 19 at 06:16 by CasylePermalink
  • Ink SplittersInk Splitters1,088,611
    Posted on 08 June 19 at 00:27Permalink
    Add or message me if you want to boost it.
  • brillejonibrillejoni345,678
    Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:35Permalink
    Yo! need help with the showdown achievement! anyone?wave
  • Posted on 18 September 19 at 22:34Permalink
    Hey guys, I need help for the DedSec activities, to finish the coop mission and maybe to play in Confr0ntation mode !
    Add me :D
  • Xtreme SSJ 3Xtreme SSJ 3163,861
    Posted on 22 September 19 at 08:47Permalink
    looking to get the showdown achievement done
  • Project A KOProject A KO419,034
    Posted on 06 October 19 at 17:19Permalink
    I'm looking for people interested in boosting the Showdown and Bounty Hunter achievements. Send me a message if interested. Thanks!
  • Posted on 21 October 19 at 04:05Permalink
    I'm down.
  • SnowTig3r 87SnowTig3r 87246,280
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 14:58Permalink
    Je suis français. Je cherche 3 personne compréhensive pour finit mon dernier succès. Les 5 duels à 4 joueurs.
    Please help me !

    SnowTig3r 87 on Xbox Live
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