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Map room achievement not unlocking (better together)

  • Posted on 12 February 18 at 22:56Permalink
    I spent a sad amount of time trying to get this achievement but for some reason it won’t unlock cry can anyone help or suggest anything? Would be very appreciated :-)
  • Posted on 13 February 18 at 20:43Permalink
    I just got it. I use locator maps because I heard non locator maps don't work. I used the first ones so they were still 1 to 1 zoom, so I didn't have to worry about uncovering the maps. Two things to look for: If it is a world from the previous version, make sure cheats are turned off, that prevents achievements and is automatically on when importing a world. Also, just double and triple check those corners. One of my maps had like one pixel uncovered so I had to go get that before it popped.
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  • Posted on 13 February 18 at 22:21Permalink
    I’m a major dummy!!! I did all 9 maps on 1.16 and missed like the tiniest bit on one of them, only after my friend dying with three of the maps did I look up the fact you can do it with 1.1 scale locator maps! Actually spent days trying to do it and in the end it took 10 minutes!! Thank you for the reply :-D
  • Posted on 19 November 18 at 23:04Permalink
    I was also having trouble with this achievement, it appears to be a bug. It turns out if you rotate any of the maps after placing them in their item frames you won't get the achievement. So if you're having problems try playing around with the rotation of the maps in the wall.
  • Posted on 13 October 19 at 10:49Permalink
    wondering if I could get some help??? trying to get every achievement and this one i'm stuck on. Tried regular and locator maps and I think they are all explored. any help???
  • Posted on 13 October 19 at 11:11Permalink
    nvm I got it. I just went through most of the maps and explored the again. also changed positioning and tried rotating them but i think exploring them again did the trick!
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