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Can't post anything on site

Posted on 13 February 18 at 01:00
Hi there. When I'm signed in with my main account (KenH2k4) I can't post anything on the site. I can't comment on stories or my friend feed, and I can't post in the forums. I tried to send a PM earlier to someone and got a message saying that I was blocked from communicating with the user. I don't know if I got my posting privileges revoked or if something is going on. I don't think I violated the site rules anywhere, so I shouldn't have been muted as far as I know.

Clever Jake
Clever Jake
Posted on 13 February 18 at 08:49
I'll investigate this and let you know.
This is why I never have a signature.
Information Posted on 13 February 18 at 08:49
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