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Streets Of Rogue Officially Announced For Xbox One

Posted on 17 February 18 at 03:27
LilGurgi said:
I immediately thought Streets of Rage. I couldn't have been more wrong...and disappointed.
me too, I was hype but then sadly disappointing as I hate these types of games
X8BIT ScorpionX
Posted on 17 February 18 at 04:53
I thought they were rebooting Streets of Rage. But this still looks very fun.
Avian Deity
Avian Deity
Posted on 17 February 18 at 10:52
I was hoping for Streets of Rage when I saw this, but instead we get this insulting garbage trying to parody itself off of the real thing.
If you're reading this, you aren't hunting Achievements.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 17 February 18 at 13:16
future gwg
x Mataeus x
x Mataeus x
Posted on 17 February 18 at 17:01
angry often said:
Can we just shut down all AAA game developers? You unoriginal untalented fucks, every platform's marketplace is disgraceful
Fixed that for you.
Posted on 17 February 18 at 18:51
Since no one reads earlier comments, I'll just repost what I said earlier:

Developer here! WHOA, I haven't seen this much hostility toward the game since.. well, the thread on the xboxone subreddit! To sum up what I posted there: Before you dismiss the game I'd urge you to check out this gameplay rundown ( to get a better impression of what the gameplay is all about (essentially Deus Ex meets Binding of Isaac with some GTA thrown in). The game has become very well regarded on Steam Early Access, currently sitting at 95% positive reviews on Steam. As for the Streets of Rage connection, it originally took a lot of inspiration from that game, then sort of just became its own thing.
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 19 February 18 at 00:33
Madguy90 said:
Since no one reads earlier comments, I'll just repost what I said earlier
You get used to that eventually
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