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Deal of the Week: January 10th, 2012

  • MH The RockstarMH The Rockstar1,318,438
    Posted on 11 January 12 at 17:03
    I was interested in Defense Grid but then I saw all the DLC... so much for being a $5 game. Think I will pass. I already have South Park but I would recommend it - a must buy if you are a fan of the show.
  • Posted on 11 January 12 at 20:59
    I will probably pick up Dungeon Defenders and Ocrs must die
  • XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX1,084,965
    Posted on 11 January 12 at 23:32
    The Dungeon Defenders trial seems really cool. Anyone own this and have a recommendation?

    Bought Orcs Must Die!

    Hedfix said:
    AntaraelDulacre said:
    Hedfix said:
    NeoStrayCat said:
    Hedfix said:
    Why does this info take so long to be featured in an article? These deals are normally on the dashboard by 14:00 GMT.
    Not everyone wakes up at the same time to make an aritcle...
    Indeed, so rather than lagging behind other sites why not give the responsibility for such articles to someone who is up when the information first arises?
    Or you could just search for yourself and let this thread be...since catches most of them early and you already have the info then...does it really matter when this article goes online here?
    Because I can just check the dash. I'm sill making the point that this information should go up earlier than it does, the site depends on ad revenue to some degree so making sure you get your site hits as high as you can (ie getting time sensitive information out ASAP) helps.
    I completely agree with Hedfix.
    ^ That made sense to me at 4:20...
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