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Weekend Announcements February 16-18th: Shift Quantum, Fossil Hunters and More

  • punkyliarpunkyliar240,337
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo298,477
    Posted on 20 February 18 at 09:05
    Windscape looks promising.
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  • AwooAwoo2,054,576
    Posted on 20 February 18 at 09:55
    The developer of Vaccine and FreezeMe...
    I didn't even know two of the worst games on the system were by the same people (person?). Can't wait to see how terrible this one will be by comparison.
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  • Legohead 1977Legohead 19771,889,784
    Posted on 20 February 18 at 11:16
    Fossil hunters looks interesting, and Windscape...will reserve judgement on the others for now.
    Legohead 1977
  • Posted on 20 February 18 at 12:26
    The 2 I'm interested in are "Bear With Me" and "Windscape".
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  • Posted on 20 February 18 at 15:34
    I played Windscape very early into it's early access on Steam, and it was promising then. I haven't played it since then, but I'm hopeful that it is still a good game.
  • Posted on 20 February 18 at 18:49
    Lol @ Shift Quantum. I smell a copyright lawsuit from the developers of Quantum Shift. laugh
    Posted on 20 February 18 at 21:06
    They kind of ALL look good to me! Except the point and click.

    Fossil Hunters and Hyper Gods look GREAT!
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