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Which Order of Covenants to Join?

Posted on 20 February 18 at 19:29
I read the requirements to join the various covenants and how certain levels in these covenants will give you items towards other cheevos (e.g. Miracles). It is not clear to me what order to join them all.

For example, what would be the best path to go one by one to ensure you get everything? I assume it's a real pain to leave/rejoin covenants since this game only has one save at a time, and doing one action can screw you over 15 other ways (NPCs stop showing up, or whatever).

Anyway, just looking for some guidance while I try to git gud and not get destroyed by black knights lol
Posted on 26 February 18 at 10:35
If I were to start from stratch, i'd probably do it in this order:

1) Way of White
2) Path of the Dragon
3) Gravelord Servant
4) Forest Hunters
5) Darkwraiths
6) Blade of the Darkmoon
7) Princess Guard
8) Chaos Servant
9) Warriors of Sunlight

I could go into more detail if you want, but like I said if i were starting over I'd do this order.
Posted on 02 March 18 at 17:08
Thank you! I am very early into the game so I am just at Way of White right now.
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