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One Eyed Kutkh Achievement List Revealed

  • AlahertAlahert2,059,084
    Posted on 24 February 18 at 12:07
    Maybe an easy completion?
  • wookieepuppywookieepuppy838,920
    Posted on 25 February 18 at 09:31
    Looks good from the very brief glimpses we have so far......will have to see when released.....and it is a good price too! £4
  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,431,182
  • DavidTB78DavidTB781,074,359
    Posted on 06 March 18 at 18:19
    Steam 8 cheevos, PS 8 too, XBOX1 1O!‽
  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,431,182
    Posted on 07 March 18 at 15:25
    That is the requirement for xbox achievements (at least 10)
    You'll never play alone.
  • DavidTB78DavidTB781,074,359
    Posted on 07 March 18 at 20:30
    touch the fish.....maybe when. you are in the waterlaugh
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