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TT Isle of Man King of the Mountain Trailer

  • Nexus GruntNexus Grunt153,036
  • Lord MidasLord Midas261,816
    Posted on 23 February 18 at 13:04Permalink
    I can see this being WAY TOO HARD with just the controller. The intricate nuances of control required to ride the TT would be too difficult to translate.

    Though games. I'd guess they will tone down the realism to make some of these high-speed shenanigans more manageable.
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen576,812
    Posted on 24 February 18 at 22:59Permalink
    Which motorcycle games aren't played with a controller? You can get the full handle bar setup for PC bike games but unfortunately there are not enough people who buy motorbike games on console so that companies are going to make peripheral equipment like wheels for driving games. I agree though and it a shame.
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