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New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning February 26th, 2018

  • adamrulzadamrulz380,949
    Posted on 27 February 18 at 04:51Permalink
    Malala just got out on the wishlist. Gravel wil certainly be getting on there as well, as long as a positive review and feedback come from the community and I see more in depth gameplay.

    I love these articles and really appreciate them, please keep them coming! So many games I haven’t hear about (I get my news, updates and reviews pretty much exclusively from this site) this site is my go to for so many reasons and you guys never fail to impress me!! THANK YOU EVERYONE ON THE SITE THAT CONTRIBUTE!!!! Whether you are a news hound, a reviewer, any staff or volunteer, or even part of the community that adds guides, solutions etc, you’re hard work does NOT go unnoticed!! Best site and community I have EVER been a part of! THANKS AGAIN, EVERYONE!!!!
  • TheAnonymityTheAnonymity406,374
    Posted on 27 February 18 at 08:22Permalink
    gravel, most definitely. that game looks to be very promising but i'm just surprised how little it's being advertised. i haven't seen or heard anything about it except for here on TA.
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