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DICE convention: Phil Spencer called on game companies to embrace inclusivity

Posted on 27 February 18 at 19:39, Edited on 27 February 18 at 19:41 by Allgorhythm
Xbox chief Phil Spencer was the keynote speaker at the 2018 DICE convention yesterday. He called on game companies to embrace inclusivity. Specifically, he said the industry needed to to fix toxic biases that make women and minorities feel unwelcome. He said this applied to the environment in the companies themselves as well as in the games and the online venues they created.

It was a very good speech. He likened the lack of inclusivity in the industry to Microsoft's being out of touch with its customers when the X1 launched. The speech came across as candid and genuine. I encourage everyone to watch it:

I must add that Phil Spencer was very gracious. He lavished praise on his competitors in the spirit of walking the walk and talking the talk of inclusivity.
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