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A e l i o n U n i t e d[Rank 13] 80p+ Only

Kaos IKris
Kaos IKris
Posted on 01 March 18 at 05:25, Edited on 01 March 18 at 05:36 by Kaos IKris
A e l i o n U n i t e d

**Rank 13 Pantheon**
-110+ Members
-Experienced Leadership with EGs and Players From PS4 and PC
-Content and Pantheon Wars Driven!
-Willing to help all members with any content or questions in the game!
-Daily Farming,Distortions, and Avatar Groups in Pantheon Discord
-Pantheon Discord is required! :AU:
-We also use the In Game Pantheon Voice Chat to Communicate Bring your Microphones!
-Mainly English Speaking Pantheon!
-Pantheon Website
-Currently Control Temple #4 Rogul Valley
- :coin: 100k Weekly :coin:
-Must be Active within 10 Days! :alert:
-Looking for any members of the community who are 80P+
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