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Extreme Difficulty

  • Its Uncle KevIts Uncle Kev1,052,616
    Posted on 01 March 18 at 16:37Permalink
    Question about this. I'm playing the game on easy just for fun and enjoy it(though I highly doubt normal is much different.)

    However if I beat the game on easy, will I unlock extreme? How do you go about unlocking extreme. Thanks
  • MichelMichel919,454
    Posted on 01 March 18 at 18:57, Edited on 01 March 18 at 18:59 by MichelPermalink
    when you beat the last boss you will have the option to "go back in time" after the credits, that's when you can change it to extreme or start NG+

    Edit: and yes, you can finish it on easy
  • Sold1er187xxSold1er187xx252,116
    Posted on 08 March 18 at 01:16Permalink
    Well, I just finished the game on normal and started a NG+ and I CAN'T change the difficulty to Extreme. Why's that so? I thought you have to complete the game to unlock Extreme mode but it didn't unlock me Extreme Difficulty.
  • KimitchiiKimitchii665,673
    Posted on 08 March 18 at 18:56Permalink
    Have you gone back to the settings on the title screen? That's the only place where you can change the difficulty. You can't do it in game.
    Since you beat the last boss, you should now be able to go back and change it.
  • Sold1er187xxSold1er187xx252,116
    Posted on 09 March 18 at 00:39, Edited on 09 March 18 at 00:45 by Sold1er187xxPermalink
    Yes, I’ve beaten the final boss. You can check it out by my achievements. There is no extreme mode yet.
    Only Easy Medium and Hard. I’m already level 96 on my 2 playthrough.

    Probably found the solution.
    The problem is in its translation.
    I’m playing the game in German Language. We also have the word “extrem” just like in English “Extreme”.
    So “Hard” Mode in German is probably Extreme Mode in the English version.
    My bad! Sorry about that
  • OniDestinyOniDestiny686,490
    Posted on 26 March 18 at 22:19Permalink
    I didn't find the New Game Plus Option, but I don't Need to Play this Mode for the Achievements, Right?
  • Light BusterLight Buster211,854
    Posted on 29 March 18 at 06:16, Edited on 29 March 18 at 15:56 by Light BusterPermalink
    OniDestiny said:
    I didn't find the New Game Plus Option, but I don't Need to Play this Mode for the Achievements, Right?
    You don't have to, but you should if want to get all of the achievements efficiently. Entirely on you though.

    If you want to start one though, go to "Start Game", select your avatar, and when you get a confirmation, select "Yes", you'll have to create your avatar again, but you can change the gender and/or name if you wish.
  • OniDestinyOniDestiny686,490
    Posted on 29 March 18 at 21:28Permalink
    ok, thank you. What is the Advantage, if you use NG+?
  • Light BusterLight Buster211,854
    Posted on 04 April 18 at 03:47, Edited on 04 April 18 at 03:50 by Light BusterPermalink
    OniDestiny said:
    ok, thank you. What is the Advantage, if you use NG+?
    Lisbeths's Shop can go up to seven, an extra dungeons in the first and fourth area open up, rank seven weapons, and you get to keep some of your stuff.
  • Cheva1ierCheva1ier520,943
    Posted on 25 July 18 at 15:16Permalink
    With the latest patch/DLC then NG+ isn't truly necessary for anything.

    Simply rewinding to right before the Mother Claudia quest after finishing a playthrough (it will put you back to where you have a quest icon prompting you to run through the Flugel to fight the Wary Heirophant, right before the Death Gun portion of the story), you can travel to all the dungeons, find rank 7 or higher weapons, and switch to Extreme from the Main Menu of the game in the last tab of Options.

    In fact, resetting the story line on NG+ removes all of the friend affinity %. So if you hadn't finished your affinity related achievements, that would undo any of your work. NG+ might increase the levels of enemies, but that's about it as far as I can tell. Extreme does that too.

    On a rewind, the first area, Remnant Wasteland, allows access to a dungeon back in the ravine right before the Cave entrance, where the higher level enemies are.

    In the fourth area, Forest Edge is part of the story line for unlocking progress, and Forgotten Temple is accessible even on your first playthrough, it's just tough the first time around because it's one of the most advanced areas.

    in the second area, Solitary Sands, the dungeon Demon Cave is available on the first playthrough also, and is also a very advanced/tough area with the max level monsters for the difficulty, and toughest boss encounters.

    Rank 7 weapons drop in Demon Cave and Forgotten Temple. Lisbeth can upgrade those Rank 7s to Rank 8 and Rank 9. On Extreme, those dungeons will drop rank 8 and rank 9 weapons, but it will be much more difficult to farm them because of the +70 level increase to the bad guys.

    Generally the ingredients for Lisbeth rank 8/9 increases drop from Demon Cave, Forgotten Temple enemies, depending on the rarity of the ingredient, that goes from trash monsters to the bosses themselves will drop what you want.

    Ultimately then because of that latest patch, I don't see NG+ being helpful unless the enemies get another level increase, for more xp, on the offchance you're trying to grind out level 130+
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