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Sensory Indulgence: The Power of a Great Video Game Soundtrack

  • SkridgerSkridger389,107
    Posted on 05 March 18 at 13:20
    I've often said, at least in the case of movies, that they're losing what they once had when it comes to music. Some of my favorite songs came from the movies of yesteryear, when the music in movies was just as, if not more, important than the movie itself.

    What would Back to the Future be without the amazing soundtrack that accompanied it?

    I think of movie theme songs and soundtracks that have had an impact on me personally, like:
    -Back to the Future trilogy
    -Star Wars series
    -Rocky series
    -Jurassic Park
    -Indiana Jones

    Honestly, I could go on and on, but the thing that stands out to me is that none of these movies are recent. (Aside from recent incarnations of them)

    Star Wars has some recent releases that are wildly popular, and making fist-fulls of cash even though they're arguably not what the movies once were. I believe the soundtrack is what people are hoping to see (or hear) when they come to see the more recent releases.

    Jurassic Park is literally banking on the same soundtrack that made it a hit back in the original movie. They're still playing the same song we all associate with Jurassic park.

    There are some recent movies that are trying to do the same thing, but with varied success. Movies like 50 shades of grey, which spawned a hit song. But it's still not the same.

    Back then, these songs were created solely to create an excitement and mood for this particular movie. The song/soundtrack's success would be measured by the success of the movie, rather than the top 100 charts.

    And maybe that's where things are going wrong. Nobody is buying the Jurassic Park soundtrack album, but lots of people are buying the movies based on how that soundtrack made them feel while watching it. If the creators of this music aren't getting the fame and recognition they want, then they're going to naturally stop targeting the movie so much and start aiming for those top 100 charts. A good movie song doesn't necessarily make the best addition to your ipod playlist, but in my opinion, should make the creators just as much money as the top hits if it got the movie into a top position.

    It also seems to make these movies timeless. I could watch any of the movies in my list above (And many more) again and again because of how the music makes me feel. And some of these songs DO make it on to my "ipod playlist" because they manage to capture the movie, and do well on their own at the same time. (Ghostbusters, and many of the songs within Footloose and Back to the Future)

    Some of the games of today seem to be cashing in on what the movies of yesteryear did with the music. Make it emotional, memorable and create that mood that so perfectly fits your game and you're going to release a timeless classic.

    Wow, I sure wrote more on this topic than I thought I would, but it's something I'm personally passionate about. Music makes a movie, and in recent times where games are becoming just as cinematic as movies, it makes the game too!
  • Drachen77Drachen77287,344
    Posted on 05 March 18 at 21:33, Edited on 05 March 18 at 21:35 by Drachen77
    All this soundtrack talk made me remember a classic game from my childhood called Journey to Silius. It had an awesome soundtrack on the NES, one of the best. The title theme in particular is incredible.

  • x ALBANACH xx ALBANACH x315,310
  • Posted on 06 March 18 at 15:18
    i just got alot of suggestions to add to my list but a few suggestions of my own i have n0t seen here yet

    metal gear 3 - snake eater
    metal gear 2 - sons of liberty
    dead space - welcome aboard the ishimura
    soul reaver - kains theme ( think this is the songs name)
    far cry 3 - main theme
    goldeneye - antenna cradle
    crysis 2 theme - hans zimmer made this
    star sailor - way to fall ( played in the credits at the end of snake eater)
    Posted on 06 March 18 at 18:25
    Great article.

    Chrono Trigger
    Zelda OOT
    Leap Frog 2017 - 4x 6.4+ Ratio!! (Croaked on Day 29) -- www.instagram.com/grandnoble
  • IndeadIndead84,033
    Posted on 07 March 18 at 12:38
    SSX3, enough said.
  • Posted on 09 March 18 at 21:15
    I think the very first Mafia game had good music, at least when it was originally released on PC.

    I'm partial to FF-IX and FF-X (FF-X2).

    But my favorites have to be from the Silent Hill series. Especially Silent Hills 3 & 4.
  • BillarghBillargh388,642
    Posted on 19 September 18 at 13:45
    I regularly listen to game soundtracks and would probably go as far so say they're integral to a good game. Highlights being the Dark Souls series, Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, Body Harvest, Banjo Kazooie etc.

    I had a friend who when he got his first car would always play the Mass Effect or Halo soundtracks, that was always fun.
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