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TT Isle of Man Achievement List Revealed

  • YODA12320YODA123201,422,595
    Posted on 05 March 18 at 06:47Permalink
    Bargain bin fast with that price tag lol.
  • gladbecker82gladbecker82223,306
    Posted on 05 March 18 at 11:13Permalink
    Not really. It's a great title with 10 tracks and very detailed graphics.
  • Posted on 05 March 18 at 11:49Permalink
    Look like a doable list. I’ll wait for a sale though.
  • Tendoman77Tendoman771,972,445
    Posted on 05 March 18 at 13:49, Edited on 05 March 18 at 13:50 by Tendoman77Permalink
    Not bad, just the one very simple online cheevo. Now my only worry is them bugging up the list again and not bothering to fix it at all like they done with WRC7 so far >.>
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