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Achievement unlocking issues

Not Jonni
Not Jonni
Posted on 06 March 18 at 11:36
So I actually enjoyed this game apart from the liar design and how it was so repetitive. But I finished the game and noticed I wasn't getting any story achievements, any of the skins related cheevos and the super agent one. I've seen a bit on achievements not unlocking but wondering if there was a fix? I've tried the power cycle and uninstall and reinstall and also tried other games which I still get cheevos in.
Posted on 22 April 18 at 10:46
All of mine have unlocked so far apart from the skins ones. Very odd..
Posted on 05 September 18 at 15:30
The achievement for beating Steeltoe won’t unlock for me, I’ve tried replaying all his missions multiple times. Is there something I can do to unlock it?
Posted on 09 January 19 at 17:25
I have had the same problem Not Jonni has. The non story achievements have just stopped I just finished the next story achievement and it registered but still no luck on the following achievements Not this Fracking Thing
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Super Agent

I have shelved this until I find out there is a way to fix the problem. I have rebooted, logged out and into xbox live and a hard reset. the only other thing is to uninstall and reinstall. love to hear of a fix.
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