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Maxed Out Achievement

  • Posted on 06 March 18 at 17:54, Edited on 06 March 18 at 17:56 by STOUTASSASSIN67Permalink
    how are you supposed to level up skills in this game? Im level 74 right now and still only have level 1 skills. Also what is the max skill level?
  • BigNev44BigNev441,251,888
    Posted on 06 March 18 at 18:31Permalink
    You have to keep using that specific skill,

    Level 2 unlocks at 50% usage
    Level 3 unlocks at 75% usage

    It's like working on the 100% on weapons achievements and you don't have to hit a enemy with the skill for it to go up, just keep spamming them and you'll unlock the other levels in no time.
  • BloodGodAlucardBloodGodAlucard1,118,167
    Posted on 06 March 18 at 19:12Permalink
    To clarify to unlock level 2 of a skill level 1 needs to be a 50% proficiency. Level 3 unlocks when the level 2 variant is at 100%. Some abilities don't have but 1 level. You'll know if it doesn't have a 1 after the name. If it's just a name, like Heightened Awareness, it only has 1 rank to the skill.

    His is a full list of the abilities and the attribute requirements for each variant. Hope this helps.
  • Posted on 07 March 18 at 00:43Permalink
    Thanks guys appreciate it
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