Game Discussion: TT Isle of Man

Where are you going John? .......John?.............. JOHN?!!!

  • k3 600k3 60017,059
    Posted on 08 March 18 at 10:54Permalink
    I love the sheer speed of this game and the way you get the full tunnel vision effect at times. So realistic.

    But then you get moments like this.

    How far have you catapulted your rider?

    Got to say I do wince when my rider hits the scenery.
  • jonnyyyjonnyyy1,177,036
    Posted on 08 March 18 at 22:20Permalink
    Happened to me too... if you compere handling in this game to ride 2 or motogp 17 ,well simply this game sucks !!! If you jump a little you crash... etc.

    Game has great graphics,speed and i just would like to love it but...

    Spend 50 € for this game with so little content.

    Big dissepointment
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