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TA Podcast: Gravel, Bridge Constructor Portal, Deep Rock Galactic and Win a Game

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic627,568
  • MexicanFlyerMexicanFlyer1,021,777
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 05:06
    My experience in TA has been fantastic. The site has helped me on so many completions with the way the game guides are presented and for helping me find other people easily to obtain multiplayer achievements.

    I'm a bit sad Happy Wars 360 is shutting down, but it was a matter of time. I spent over 400 hours on that version and enjoyed it a lot before the several updates drove many people away.
  • Posted on 10 March 18 at 07:26
    My experience on TA is good, It's always great to find other achievement hunters and try to out do each other.
  • taximiketaximike428,861
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 07:48, Edited on 10 March 18 at 07:53 by taximike
    Love it here on ta. First got into the site as an alternative to xboxachievements but then discovered the gaming sessions which helped me get lots of halo 3 achievements. Like how much more functionality it has vs the xbox site. Price tracking is great and being able to quickly see prices in the sales makes it so much easier vs having to click to see on (would be cool to see trends over time or lowest ever price here). Use the ta ratio more and more to see if ill brother with harder achievements and like the head to head contests. Podcast is good to keep informed on new featured and competitions too as well as what you guys have been playing. Keep up the good work.
  • Northern LassNorthern Lass1,442,673
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 12:32
    My experience has always been positive, just wish I'd found out about this site earlier. The walkthroughs are really good quality and people are really supportive.
    The contests and challenges add an extra element to achievement hunting.
    The most invaluable think is real time tracking of achievements.
    Thankyou for all your hard work
    Northern Lass
  • Raptures LostRaptures Lost1,466,003
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 13:30
    I've used TA on a daily basis for several years now. It's a really useful hub for gaming news and tracking my achievements and progress. Not only that but it's really helpful when I'm looking at my next game to play. Walkthroughs, completion times & guides are used almost daily. Overall, my experience with the site has been extremely positive. It's fun to compare and interact with other gamers all around the world & TA makes it very easy to do so. Happy Birthday!
  • TuKraZeTuKraZe1,623,016
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 13:48, Edited on 10 March 18 at 13:51 by TuKraZe
    Personally, I wonder how I would be gaming today if I did not stumble across TA. I sign in to the site/mobile app almost everyday. I love the statistics side of things where I constantly aim to increase my TA Ratio by aiming for generally more difficult games as well as trying to increase my completion percentage. I love how the team at TA are incredibly dedicated to improving the site and adding challenges and community events to add an added challenge for gamers who wish to participate. Me personally, I enjoy the 'Spelling Bee' challenges - I find this incredibly fun and always try to take part in these. I also enjoy listening to the odd podcast...I find these a good way of keeping up to date with the site and gaming world whilst im grinding out a grindy achievement or something lol. Besides obviously the guides and solutions, I love the community on the site. Obviously you are always going to get the odd gamer that is going to troll or not turn up to sessions etc, but I have made a fair few friends from this site who I have continued to keep in contact and now boost achievements regularly. Overall, TA feels like home to me and the community feels like family :)
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  • MotivaSeanMotivaSean540,506
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 13:50
    I started using TA back in 2008 around the time I got a 360. I thought achievements were a really neat way to show my history as a gamer. As the site grew, it showed me new ways to enjoy achievements such as the Playlist or Community Achievements. I'm so happy to volunteer for the website and can't wait for more fun times with achievements and this beautiful website. smile
  • pezboybenpezboyben953,765
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 15:32
    I love TA. Before I was a member I would constantly search for achievement help and usually end up here, took me too long to sign up to be honest. Still here mainly for solutions and guides but I also get most of my gaming news here now. Also enjoy the competitions and community challenges although I am not that competitive. I also totally overuse the force scans, I love to see the numbers update immediately!!!
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl933,321
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 15:41
    I check TA every day. I love keeping track of the games I need to complete and using the wishlist function. Having an awesome community has helped me connect with other gamers that I still keep in contact with. Also, the solutions are better and more detailed than other sites. The thing I maybe like the most about TA is the grassroots feel it has. Very personal and easy to community with staff.
  • derektwopointohderektwopointoh1,163,417
    Posted on 10 March 18 at 17:29, Edited on 10 March 18 at 17:30 by derektwopointoh
    I originally joined TA simply as a way to catalog my game collection but it’s been very rewarding to feel like part of a community and make new friends.
  • Posted on 10 March 18 at 22:35
    TA is brilliant,keeps getting better with a great community.
  • Posted on 12 March 18 at 19:07
    I remember that I originally was using and I thought it was awesome. Then I found trueachievements where it automatically tracked your achievements and I was hooked.
  • Posted on 13 March 18 at 02:42, Edited on 13 March 18 at 02:44 by HawkeyeBarry20
    I randomly read some people talking about this site in the comments on another gaming site I was reading. I thought at the time I had a lot of achievements and thought sure I might not be at the top but I wouldn’t be too shabby. My gamerscore isn’t even at 100K yet so there was some shock right away,laugh. I used the site for achievement help, then I started keeping track of stats. Next I started getting into the awesome competitions the site runs and then I was hooked. I buy all kinds of digital games through sales bc of this sitetoast. I’m also a huge fan of the TA playlist and get in it every month so far and really enjoying the community (most of the time)
  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,209,814
    Posted on 13 March 18 at 09:33
    Trueachievements really just took the best of all the other sites and brought it under one roof. I remember when mygamercard.nets completion leaderboard was the most meaningful place to see (what I consider) to be "true achievement". x360a and a360p were the best places for guides and 360voice was great for friend feed type stuff (and some genre tracking etc.)
  • triplepowtriplepow219,681
    Posted on 13 March 18 at 12:22
    As a site I'm on every day - love TA. Looking for who's playing what - help playing games or fun contests to get me into my backlog. Its Xbox for those who like Xbox and its not corporate

    And functions that we all need - he says having jumped at joy of game pass all in button!!
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  • NBA KirklandNBA Kirkland1,760,228
    Posted on 13 March 18 at 17:13
    TA - Not sure what I'd be doing without it smile
  • Posted on 14 March 18 at 13:26
    TA is a great site. Doubt my gamerscore would be anywhere near what it is without this site. toast Happy 10th Birthday TA.
    Tell Em' Steve-Dave
  • Posted on 14 March 18 at 16:25
    TA has helped me with great guides and walkthroughs and the TA Playlist is cool too. I like to see my stats and I sign onto the website every day to see the gaming news. Happy Birthday TA! You're in the double digits now!
  • ShinnizleShinnizle1,594,049
    Posted on 16 March 18 at 04:43
    I use TA more than any other website. It's my love AND my mistress redface
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