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Racing line completely wrong?

  • Posted on 10 March 18 at 19:34Permalink
    Has anybody else noticed the racing line being WAY off base? I normally like to have it on until I learn the tracks, but I've just gotten to a mass start race at Antrim and it is seriously letting me down. The AI riders absolutely cane it through almost every section that tells you to brake or roll off, only barely letting off the throttle before a turn. If you follow the line the game tells you is right you get absolutely annihilated by the AI.

    So far I've had no issues winning, some close races won by under a second... on this track though, even after turning down the AI difficulty from "difficult" to "easy" they still blow past every section at full speed and I'm not even close to winning.

    I've turned the racing line off and I'm trying to just learn the track from markers and memory but this is a very sudden and MASSIVE difficulty spike. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  • DrSchmockDrSchmock426,178
    Posted on 12 March 18 at 16:25Permalink
    I habe the same problems.I think that it was sometimes much easier when you set the AI st the mass start rqces to middle.And at the stage races to easier.Maybe it was no different, but for me there is a huge different.
  • Lava303Lava303224,459 224,459 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 March 18 at 08:18Permalink
    Now i think it fixed. When i start a race on easiest difficulty, the opponents now far away more than +20 seconds. Check it now, its easier then the first days of playing.
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