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Backwards compatible game won't connect to Xbox Live

  • Posted on 27 May 19 at 20:41Permalink
    I'm seeing the issue with Borderlands 2 for 360 as well, hope it gets fixed soon
  • cablameroncablameron364,183
    Posted on 02 June 19 at 08:58Permalink
    I’ve got this issue on all backwards compatibility games. Need it fixing so I can start working towards rare replay again!
  • joey385joey385125,426
    Posted on 07 June 19 at 01:51Permalink
    Still broken :((
  • nimmrodnimmrod90,669
    Posted on 03 July 19 at 17:35Permalink
    I've been wrestling with this problem for a while and I have found a workaround that has worked 100% of the time for me so far. The issue seems to be related to using a MAC address that was recently used for a BC Live login, which is why switching between wireless and wired ports works sometimes.

    First, I'll try just running the game. If the 360 emulation doesn't login to Live, I go back to the Settings Menu --> Network ---> Network Settings ---> Advanced Settings

    At this point, you might want to make a note of the MAC address for the wired or wireless port, depending on which one you're using. Then assign a new one manually:

    Alternate MAC Address ---> Manual

    Put in a new, different MAC address, which will require an automatic warm reboot of the console. After that, I've always been able to log in and run the BC game fine.

    A few things about assigning a new address:
    * MAC addresses are in base 16/hexadecimal, which means each digit has a value of 0-9 or A-F
    * You don't need to capitalize the letters or include dashes or spaces when entering the new address in the settings menu this way. Just the string of digits.
    * I just keep the first 10 digits of the existing address the same, and cycle through increments of the last two digits whenever I need to change it. This shouldn't be necessary, though - I just find it simpler.

    It's cumbersome the first couple of times, but it goes pretty quickly once you're used to it. If this works or doesn't work for anyone else, I'd be curious to hear about it. Good luck!
  • Posted on 03 July 19 at 21:24Permalink
    Whenever I had this problem, simply uninstalling then reinstalling seemed to fix the problem.
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  • DrNefarioDrNefario130,568
    Posted on 05 July 19 at 08:42Permalink
    I was having this issue with my brand new One S, but I seem to have found a workaround similar to nimmrod's above but less painful.

    Backwards Compatible games don't download profile information and claim they can't connect to Live.
    - Xbox One is signed in and network tests fine.
    - I was using Rare Replay games, via gamepass, which might be an added complication, but I downloaded an old 360 game from my library and that was the same.
    - I had never successfully run anything in BC mode so I didn't have an old profile to delete.
    - I tested wired and wireless, rebooted xbox and router, etc. Nothing helped.

    Change the Port number in Advanced network settings.
    - The original port number is 3074 (I think). I just picked a random different port from the dropdown (I think I went for 53039).
    - I didn't make any changes to my router or restart anything, I just went into a 360 game and it started downloading my profile.
    - I have no idea why this works, and so far don't know if it will need doing every session. I guess I'll find out later.

    I hope this helps.
  • paddycfc22paddycfc22389,637
    Posted on 02 December 19 at 18:02, Edited on 02 December 19 at 19:22 by paddycfc22Permalink
    Came across this today tried absolutely everything and nothing :( can't play any 360 game now as my gamer tag won't download on the 360 side of things. Gutted
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